Monday, June 5, 2017

Production for Priestess + Deer

I have been doing production work for 2 companies on Salt Spring.
Here are a sampling of dresses that I sew for Priestess and Deer, you can find their beautiful garments at

Check them out!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hello Salt Spring Island

Don't worry, I'm still here!

I've taken a bit of a holiday from this blog recently. lol. As you may have guessed, I had a baby, and now she's almost 4. If you have children, you just doesn't go in the same direction when you have a little one around :) In a good way! At a very young age, my daughter destroyed my until now I actually didn't have a computer to update the blog.

With the help of my amazing husband and some equally amazing parents and in-laws, I was able to finish the schooling I had begun before becoming a parent. In 2015 I graduated from the Fashion Design program at VCC in downtown Vancouver. In September, I presented my collection at Vancouver fashion week! Here is one of my looks:

Vancouver Fashion Week was a blast! (A stressful one....) but an amazing feeling and I was proud of my achievement.

About 5 months ago, my husband, daughter, 2 cats and I moved ourselves to Salt Spring Island, which is one of the Gulf Islands off the coast of British Columbia. I'm looking forward to finding my place here on the Island and getting involved in Saturday Markets as soon as possible!

 Say hello and let me know if any of my blog fans are still about....

Saturday, November 13, 2010


For the month of May, I decided to try a month of strict bikrams yoga practice. My 30th birthday is looming, and I am determined to turn myself into a practicer of good health in one form or another, one of these days.  

I put myself on the monthly recurring plan. 

My goal: attend 15 classes in 30 days

So far, Bikram's doesn't feel like exercise. It feels like a mental exercise combined with hydration and physical endurance.

When you are full of health and energy, this practice feels absolutely amazing. I found myself craving it, and daydreaming about it and in general, really feeling energized, happy and proud of myself. 

This past weekend (Mother's Day) was such a trying weekend for me as I'm a server and it is typically a horrible, long weekend. Not only that, but the difficult mother's day crowds would basically engulf the whole weekend. The staff, after closing the restaurant, decided that we really all just needed to go to the casino and learn how to play craps. It was a blast and craps is really complicated when you're drunk. 

Long story short: I haven't been getting much sleep, and my body is not craving yoga right now. So I'm sad...because I liked the feeling of really really wanting to spend that time with myself. Of just me and myself and some other sweaty souls, sweating and trying to do the postures. Of getting better and better, in tiny little muscle increments. 

Anyways. I'm determined to get some sleep, and eat some vegetables, and get all fixed up and ready to do some doubles.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Currently for Sale!!

here is a quick link to my currently for sale items: click here

I'm out of town for a few months but will be posting new things when I return.
I'm setting up shop on Smashing Darling, a New York based online fashion retailer. I'm also hoping to set up shop on

xo xo xo

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Supermarket Summer: swimming, surfing, and sun

This fall, the hotelle motelle shop will be found at supermarket

This online community is full of great surprises. It only took me seconds to find many things that I wanted!

photography from Tina Crespo:

paintings from Leah Giberson:

polaroids from shehitpausestudios, :

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Fave's, Best Of Hotelle Motelle

the hotelle motelle era comes to an end, I wanted to document all of my favourites throughout the years! This fall will most likely look a little different, with more custom products. I am hoping to re-vamp a few of these styles with new colours and a wider range of sizes. Enjoy!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Currently For Sale: Summer 2010

My newest summer 2010 dresses. If you see something here that isn't on the etsy website it may still need to be listed. To inquire, send me a message via etsy, or at

I used a lot of stripes! hope you like!